Sports Massage

Sports massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It can be helpful for anybody wishing to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury. Anyone who exercises can benefit from Sports Massage, even if it is only mild exercise such as regular walking.

The techniques Anne uses in sports massage have been developed to ensure effective results are gained from each massage given.

Sports massage may:

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Assist in the removal of metabolic waste
  • Sedate or stimulate nerve endings
  • Increase or decrease muscle tone
  • Increase or decrease muscle length
  • Remodel scar tissue when required
  • Assist in mental preparation for sporting participation

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Sports Massage is a therapeutic treatment. It's more about prevention and recovery, rather than relaxation.

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Being an endurance triathlete I've had many treatments from Anne, including Reiki, Lomi Lomi and conventional sport massage, each treatment doing exactly what its meant to do. This lady has amazing talent and ability to heal and rejuvinate
Terry Gallacher